Introduction | July 25, 2011

For my first post, I will give a brief introduction of myself. I own a small technology company that started with PLC programming, and has progressed to software testing and quality assurance. Along the way I have performed tasks in mechanical and electrical design, CAD, CAM,  system integrations, automation, motion control, simulators, SCADA, CNC, and network management. Currently I perform contract work for Microsoft, in the Windows Embedded Compact 7 setup team. There was a learning curve involved with setup the team as it uses WIX, MSIEXEC, C#, C++, HTML, as well a number of other tools. As team setup, we have a main focus of Windows Embedded Compact 7 software installation. However we also support several other customers.
This blog’s focus will begin on the offerings of WindowsEmbeddedCompact7.exe. Primarily the focus will be on the installation and maintenance of the software. The next blog will explain update process the user will experience when using the software. Other points on the software will be explained in future posts. Other topics may also arise such as: PLC programming, CNC machines, and possibly a UAV side project. I welcome questions; I will answer them to the best of my ability.
Thank you for reading.

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