Finding log files for Windows Embedded Compact 7

August 14, 2011
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This post is a condensed version a post wrote and had published at

So please go to the above link for more detailed information on trouble shooting, or to ask a question about this topic.

Here is a clip of the post that is focused on finding the log files that Windows Embedded Compact 7 creates. These log files are in the user profile temp folder, of the user who ran the software. The easiest way to get to that folder is to click on Start and Select Run.



In the text window type %temp%, click Ok.



That will open your temp folder and you should see the log files listed.


All four of log files shown were created by the software. When some prerequisites are not found, an entry like the highlighted one here will explain why you are having a problem.


The snippet above is an entry showing that Visual Studios 2008 could not be found on the computer.


When Visual Studios 2008 is found at the proper version, an entry like this can be found in the log. clip_image011


If you are having issues, please visit this link: (Official Install Blog, Trouble Shooting post)

I have few posts lined up. Once I have them finished, I will be publishing them. Please check the site for updates in the next few weeks.



Links for more information: (Official Install Blog)


Modifying Windows Embedded Compact 7

August 11, 2011
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The installation of Windows Embedded Compact 7 can be very large and complex. Users have the ability of installing, repairing, adding updates, removing updates, adding options, and removing options without ever uninstalling the product. Some users will work with one or two architectures, other users may develop for many architectures, based on several points in time. For that user, Windows Embedded Compact 7 has been deployed to allow the user to quickly and easily select options at a point in time that they require.

For example, a developer has installed on their system Platform Builder, English Documentation, and ARM v5 Architecture at the July 2011 Update level. The project that developer was working on is finished and the next project requires Arm v6 Architecture at the RDP RemoteFX Update level. So how does the developer configure their system for this project? It’s simple; let me show you how.

Start with opening Programs and Features from the control Panel, or in this case, Add or Remove Programs for XP, highlight the Windows Embedded Compact 7 entry and select “Change”:



Then Select Modify



The next screen will show the user what options are currently installed, and what level they are installed at.



The user will need to move the slider to middle spot, and will see that the label to the right now states “Revert to RDP RemoteFX Update”. The user also wants to add ARM V6 Architecture, so they check that option. The user decides that they no longer need English Documentation so they uncheck that option. Note that unchecking an option will result in that option being removed from the system:



When the user clicks on Next, the Ready to Proceed screen will appear and show the user the actions that will be performed. This shows that English Documentation will be uninstalled:



Scroll down a little and the user will see that the Update 2 for ARMV5 Architecture will be uninstalled:



Scroll down a bit more, and the user will see that ARM V6 Architecture will be installed at Update 1 level:



At this point the user can click Back to change the plan, or click Modify to proceed with the actions.


The options to be installed will be acquired first:



Options to be uninstalled next:



Options will be modified and installed last:



When the action has completed, the user will have Platform Builder, ARM v5 Architecture, and ARM v6 Architecture installed at the RDP level.

Key notes to remember:

· Any option that is NOT “Checked” will be uninstalled.

· Any option that is “Checked” will be installed.

· All options will be at the current install level. There will not be a time when ARM v5 is at update 1 level and ARM v6 is at Update 2 level at the same time.

Please let me know if you have a questions or comments.


Links for more information: (Official Install Blog)

Windows Embedded Compact 7 Update

August 11, 2011

We have been very busy with Windows Embedded Compact 7. Yesterday (8/10/2011) the latest update was published. Users who are using the WEDU plug-in might have already received the notification, and proceeded with the update. For everyone else with the software already installed, selecting the Update option as described in the previous post will also allow you to receive the update at your leisure. Just in case you missed the previous post: .

This is what you will see when you check for an update:


You still have not tried the software out? Not a problem you can still download a free Evaluation copy from here:

That copy will have the updates already incorporated into the software, so you will not need to perform the update process.

I cannot say what the next few updates will be, but I can say that we are working hard to get them to you. I still plan on presenting the Modify Process, but a few other posts might come before it. Check back in for more information about Windows Embedded Compact 7. As always, I welcome questions and feedback.


Links for more information: (Official Install Blog)