Finding log files for Windows Embedded Compact 7 | August 14, 2011

This post is a condensed version a post wrote and had published at

So please go to the above link for more detailed information on trouble shooting, or to ask a question about this topic.

Here is a clip of the post that is focused on finding the log files that Windows Embedded Compact 7 creates. These log files are in the user profile temp folder, of the user who ran the software. The easiest way to get to that folder is to click on Start and Select Run.



In the text window type %temp%, click Ok.



That will open your temp folder and you should see the log files listed.


All four of log files shown were created by the software. When some prerequisites are not found, an entry like the highlighted one here will explain why you are having a problem.


The snippet above is an entry showing that Visual Studios 2008 could not be found on the computer.


When Visual Studios 2008 is found at the proper version, an entry like this can be found in the log. clip_image011


If you are having issues, please visit this link: (Official Install Blog, Trouble Shooting post)

I have few posts lined up. Once I have them finished, I will be publishing them. Please check the site for updates in the next few weeks.



Links for more information: (Official Install Blog)


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