Update 3 has been released for Windows Embedded Compact 7 | October 15, 2011

Friday, 10-14-2011, Update 3 was released for Windows Embedded Compact 7. This is a very useful release that includes updates and fixes for Platform Builder, and Compact Test Kit. This is a larger download for each architecture than the previous updates. A lot of hard work was done to make the update as small in size as possible. You will see a Service update, an Update 3, and an Update 3.1 package get downloaded. Most of the the files that require an update could be delta patched. Which means the file will be edited in place. This greatly reduces the size of the package that handles that part of the update. Files that could not be edited on disk, are replaced with a whole file. The number files that required this was relatively low, which helped to the keep the size of the update lower.

Files will now be backed up if they have been edited. Users who have edited files to suit their needs will appreciate this feature. When updating, the user’s work is now safe. The edited file will be backed up to a sub-folder in Wince700 folder named Backup.


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