Windows Embedded Compact 7 releases October updates.

November 15, 2011
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Updates are available for Windows Embedded Compact 7. These updates include changes for DCHP, MSFLASH, and NETIO. There are also changes to the installer software. There are two features added to the software that most people will never see, but will appreciate if they do. Sleep is now blocked by the software when content is being acquired or when an action is performed on an option. This will not over write the system’s power settings. Some updates can take a considerable amount of time to download, and to be applied. This feature prevents the system from going to an idle state where Sleep, Stand by, or Hibernate can take effect.

Of course there are still times when the system can enter into Sleep, Stand by, Hibernate, or even Shutdown while the software is running. To address the issue of having to uninstall everything in the event of an interruption to the software progress, a resume feature has been added. Previously the software was able to recognize that the state of the installation was compromised and an uninstall action would be performed to return the machine to a clean state. This can be annoying and costly in terms of time. The resume feature will keep track of the progress of the software. In the event of an interruption, such as a power loss, the software will store the current state. When the user logs in again the installer software is launched and will attempt to resume the action it was taking prior to the interruption. In the event of a reboot or power loss, the software will launch automatically when the user logs in.

One bug fix that is worth noting is the behavior of the download all check box and Shared Source. A user can select to download all of their content. Shared Source cannot be downloaded. Previously if a user with a retail version of the software wanted to install an option like Platform Builder and Shared Source but did not have Disk 1 in their DVD drive, they would be prompted for source. The user could select to download all the content. The software would proceed to download all of the content until it reached Shared Source. The user would not be able to uncheck the Download All check box, and would have to cancel the out of the software. Now the user can uncheck the Download All check box, and browse to the location of Shared Source.

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