Uninstall WindowsEmbeddedCompact.exe no matter what

March 14, 2012
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If you ever find your self in a situation where you are unsure of the state of you machine, you can uninstall the program with the command line.

Here are the steps to uninstall the whole program:

·Acquire the latest version of WindowsEmbeddedCompact7.exe. At this time the version is 2811.

*note {The Evaluation version program will work for this uninstall procedure, and can be downloaded from}

·Place the file on the system where the user can access it. For example c:\2811

·Open the Command Prompt with Administrative rights.

·Run WindowsEmbeddedCompact7.exe with the uninstall and quiet parameters. For example “c:\2811\WindowsembeddedCompact7.exe” –uninstall –quiet

·This will run WindowsEmbeddedCompact7.exe in the “Background”. To view the progress of the program use TaskManager. Under the Processes tad, two WindowsEmbeddedCompact7.exe Image names will be listed when the uninstall is taking place.

·When the WindowsEmbeddedCompact7.exe Image names are no longer present in the list of processes, the uninstall should be complete.

·To confirm that the uninstall finished successfully open the Add and Remove programs from the Control panel. Windows Embedded Compact 7 Should not be listed.

·Windows Embedded Silverlight Tools will remain in the Currently installed programs list.

·Uninstall Windows Embedded Silverlight Tools at this time.